Be Still

Be Still

Exodus 14:14 “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

If there are two things most of us struggle with it’s being still and being silent. I mean truly still and totally silent. The art of being still and silent is lost in our fast paced society. We cram our ears and eyes full of stimulation so much when we attempt to be still we hear echoes screaming in our mind which seem to only be amplified by the silence. Very few of us actually know how to be still.

This is a problem most of us will just brush off and continue about our fast paced day. We’ll spend our free moments scrolling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or some other meaningless task. We’ll watch internet videos, tv, read billboards, and never shut our brain off until we are asleep and forced to do so.

Yet, on multiple occasions, the Lord instructs us to be still. So often we’re like a small child with something caught in their eye. We run around frantically trying to ignore the pain while asking God to help and wondering why He hasn’t intervened our our behalf and He is standing there telling us “be still, I can’t help you when you’re running around frantic like this.”

Whatever the need is, whatever the reason you’re running around frantic is, be still. Give the Lord an opportunity to intervene. Listen for His voice. Be ministered to by His presence.

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