Nobody likes to be out of control. Many people like control a little too much. Some people NEED control or they begin to spiral out of control.

As believers, we realize control is not something God encourages us toward. We have all the sayings; Jesus take the wheel, let go and let God, Jesus is my co-pilot. What many of us don’t have is an action plan on how to actually release control to the Lord and not constantly try to take back control.

You can see from the New Testament Peter was somebody who liked control. If you study his life, you realize Peter was a guy who liked to be in control of his environment and those around him. He had to be in charge. He even argued with Jesus on multiple occasions.

Peter’s ministry after receiving the Holy Spirit was remarkably different. Many of us need to learn to yield to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Some of us can’t say no to the Holy Spirit because don’t even hear His voice. We don’t hear His voice because we’re either not listening or our life is too loud.

Take some time to quiet yourself before God and ask Him to help you release control. When you feel out of control or the desire to control too many things, His presence is always the answer. Less of us, more of Him.

30 “He must increase, but I must decrease.” -John 3:30

Be Still