Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

I think at times we underestimate or forget just how crafty the enemy of our souls is. He creeps into every possible area of our lives he possibly can. One such area is finances. Even the mention of finances turns many church-goers off. The enemy has made it so no matter what a pastor says about money, many people just hear “we want your money.”

It’s a wise tactic. The enemy knows the power money can have over someone. He knows what the Word says; we cannot serve God if we’re controlled by money. So a natural way to keep us from all that God has for us, is to entice us to allow money to have the throne of our hearts.

It’s not a difficult task in today’s culture. It doesn’t take much to convince someone that all churches are money hungry and pastors are trying to puff up their bank accounts with your hard earned money. It’s not a difficult task because some of them are. Charlatans abound who will manipulate the Word to make it seem spiritual to send them money so they can buy another private jet or vacation home.

We as individuals must fight this ploy of the enemy and remove money from the throne of our hearts. We should seek not to collect more money, but to give more money. Not to spend more on ourselves, but to give more to others. We know the Word says it is more blessed to give than to receive, so let’s be blessed. Let us seek ways to bless others in creative and loving ways.

The Word says:

Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” – Matthew 6:21

Would the way we spend our money show the location of our hearts to be in kingdom business or ‘me’ business? Does God get the leftovers or the first fruits? Is the church our priority or our comfort? Do we spend more on luxury than advancing the kingdom of God?

Where our treasure is, we’ll find our hearts. Location, location, location.


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