Sunday Services


Nursery and children’s ministry up through 4th grade are available during Sunday morning services.

Sunday School for All Ages


There are Sunday School classes available for the entire family.

Wednesday Evening Service

6:30pm – 8:00pm*

Wednesday nights there is a men’s Bible study, women’s Bible study, youth group, and Noah’s Park.

Nursery is also available for children 2 and under.

* 5:30-6:15 There is a family dinner provided for those attending the Wednesday evening services.

The 167

Most of us spend about an hour in church a week. Some of us show up a little earlier and some of show up another night of the week. The average, however, is still that each of spends about an hour in church. Each week we have 168 hours to work with. How many of those hours are spent investing in things that matter. How many of those hours are wasted in mindless effort…

WE vs ME

We are selfish creatures. It is only by intentional effort we are able to put others before ourselves. Our entire culture revolves around the god of ME. We have more luxuries and entertainment available for ME than ever before. The enemy will do anything to keep us from investing in the body of Christ we are each a part of. He knows we can infinitely more together than we…