For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse

Whether you’re married or not, I’m sure you know the popular part of wedding vows where a couple commit to love one another “for better or worse.” The sad part about this is how few people really live it out. I’m sure they mean it when they say it in front of all those people when the love is still fresh and and exciting.

Throw a few kids in the mix, some life crisis, maybe some financial struggles, and other life circumstances, and you really see if they meant “for better or worse.” The sad reality is many couples don’t mean for better or worse, they mean “as long as I still feel in love.” We put more emphasis on our emotional feelings than the commitments we make before God.

So many kids have grown up in broken homes because we can’t hold to our commitment to love “for better or worse.” We view marriage as a contract. As long as I feel you are keeping up your end, I’ll keep up my end of the contract. If I feel you haven’t held up your end of the contract, I’m no longer obligated to love you “for better or worse.”

Why can’t we see those days when our partner isn’t loving us like they should or have become distant, depressed, or when we’re just not connecting anymore and the feelings of love have waned ARE THE WORSE WE WERE COMMITTING TO LOVE THEM THROUGH?!?!

So, in a culture where we can’t even hold to the commitments we make to someone we love with all our heart, it’s no wonder we consider our commitment to church to be one of convenience and preference. In much the same way we treat marriage we say, “I’ll be at this church as long as it still feels good and until you do something I don’t like. Instead of putting in the effort to work through the problem I’ll just go get a new church.”

What if we viewed our church membership and attendance with the same passion and love we view other significant relationships we have. What if we committed to stick through the good AND the bad. What if we were able to tell our church family, “I’m in this with you for better or worse?” What if we viewed the work we were doing with our church family for the glory of God with enough importance we couldn’t dream of jumping ship simply because our delicate sensibilities were threatened.

The work we do as a church family is the most important work we can do on this earth. We are taking the Gospel to those who are in desperate need of a savior!!! Well, at least some churches are.

Did we really think the enemy wouldn’t try to divide and conquer us? Are we surprised churches are the place we demand our way and our preferences met more than just about anywhere? Are we shocked people refer to looking for a church as “church shopping”?

Are you committed to your church? Are you committed to storm the gates of Hell with those you call family for better or worse? Are you willing to put in the effort to work through the tough times and the conflict and the rumors and whatever else the enemy throws at your church family?

“All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer.”

Acts 2:42 NLT

Are you willing to be devoted?