Missions Conference

Missions Conference

DuBois Alliance Missions Conference

April 25-May 1, 2021

With International Worker

 Doug Peterson serving in West Africa

Sunday, April 25Morning service with Doug sharing10:30am
International Dinner (sign-up in the foyer)5:30pm
Monday, April 26Evening with Doug sharing6:30pm
Tuesday,April 27Virtual visit with Bob & Cheryl Fugate from Mexico6:30pm
Wednesday, April 28Lunch with Doug (location: TBD)11:30am
Family Game Night & Pizza in the fellowship hall5:30pm
Thursday,April 29Evening with Doug sharing & prayer focus6:30pm
Friday, April 30Wild Game Dinner with Doug sharing6:00pm
Saturday, May 1Alliance Men’s Breakfast9:00am

Meal with the Missionary: sign up in the foyer to host Doug for lunch or dinner