Rock Martial Way

Rock Martial Way

Rock Martial Way

Ganseki Budo

岩石 武 術
The Rock is Jesus

A Christian Karate Academy
Okinawan Saying:  There is no first strike in Karate!

We Teach:

Victory – In Jesus and in anything that gets in the way of having a relationship with Him!
Karate, Self Defense, Kickboxing (teenagers and adults)
Basic Kali weapons training for self defense (advanced teenagers & adults only)

Training Philosophy:

  1. A Christian attitude towards yourself, family and others
  2. Self respect
  3. Respect for others
  4. The confidence to walk unafraid
  5. The inner strength and confidence to know when not to fight

Styles and Applications:

  1. Self defense and martial arts oriented aerobic kick boxing
  2. Okinawan Goshin Ryu self defense (Goshin Ryu means “self defense style”)
  3. Groundwork using Okinawan and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu techniques
  4. Kickboxing using Jeet Kune Do and Kali techniques
  5. There is some controlled contact during self defense classes
  6. All sparring is controlled
  7. Class attire:
    1. Gi’s when appropriate – RMW Shirts
    2. Protective gear – groin, chest, hands, feet, head, mouth piece
    3. Clean sweats, athletic pants, tee shirts, etc.
    4. Sneakers or athletic shoes required – Kickboxing/JKD/Kali
    5. No hanging earrings, necklaces, jewelry or anything that can be grabbed
    6. Participants must be clean and groomed in respect for others
  8. Classes are free but students must purchase their own Gi, gear and protective equipment and are asked, but not required, to chip in $10/month to purchase equipment for the school.
  9. The gear you will need to purchase for yourself:
    1. Gi                                                                                $25-$80 (1st testing req’d)
    2. Patch                                                                           $10 (1st testing req’d)
    3. Sparring Gear (head, hands, feet, mouth)           $40-50 (yellow belt)
    4. Sparring Gear (shin/foot/hands/forearms)       $15 (not as safe-adults)
    5. Kali sticks                                                                   $22-30 (adults)
    6. Special gear by request

Promotion Requirements